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The Gilbrea Centre at McMaster University is an interdisciplinary research hub dedicated to collaborative and policy relevant research on aging. The Centre conducts research to identify challenges of aging, produce and communicate socially relevant knowledge to broaden understandings of aging, and suggest directions for change. Our vision is to address the needs of an aging society through research that is grounded in community partnerships, and to carry out knowledge exchange with students, faculty, community organizations, decision-makers, and older people. The work we do impacts our local Hamilton community and extends beyond McMaster through partnerships  and collaborations with national and international research teams, and partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors. 


The Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging gratefully accepts donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations to help support our goals.  Your gift will help to support the important research, programming and initiatives of the Centre . Please consider making a gift to the Centre Trust Fund. Donors will receive a receipt for income tax purposes. 

**If you are interested in making a donation to be designated for a specific purpose (e.g., theme group activities, student support, special events) please contact: Equity Burke, Research Coordinator, at the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging (905) 525-9140 extension 24449. 

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Karl K. Kinanen


These scholarship funds have been made possible due to the generous support of former McMaster faculty member Karl Kinanen, his wife, Beatrice Kemp and a number of friends and colleagues. Karl retired from McMaster University in 1992. As an Associate Professor in Social Work, Karl Kinanen taught the first Gerontology course in the mid-1970s and created the first Summer Institute on Gerontology in 1984. His work was instrumental in developing  social gerontology at McMaster, and in Canada, and marked the beginning of many continuing education events for the professional community.

In the past, these funds were used to support the Annual Karl Kinanen Public Lecture, which featured a prominent expert in the field of aging and gerontological research. The lecture was hosted by the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging at a location in Hamilton, to foster the exchange of ideas and discussion among the public, stakeholders, local providers, academics, and older people.

The shift to a student-scholarship format is intended to utilize these generous donations in a new and more focused way.. The funds will be used to support the important research conducted by students in the department of Health, Aging and Society, while broadening the connection with community programs and partners to ensure the largest reach.

*Donations for the Karl Kinanen Public Lecture are now being accepted through iFundMac, a crowdfunding platform unique to McMaster University that allows for a grassroots approach to fundraising for small university projects.