S.H.A.R.E. Group

Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging
McMaster University
Posting Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Over 55 years of age? S.H.A.R.E. is looking for volunteers to participate in research projects.

Seniors Helping Advance Research Excellence (S.H.A.R.E.) is a Volunteer Research Group administered by the Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging.

SHARE needs volunteers to help complete questionnaires on a variety of issues several times a year. Other projects depend on volunteers coming into McMaster to participate, with of course, reimbursement for any expenses incurred. The projects address topics such as utilization of community services, successful aging, communication, memory, volunteering, intergenerational interactions, and health. Some of the studies that you will be asked to participate in may be student research projects, supervised by McMaster faculty. Participation is always voluntary and you are not required to participate in projects if you choose not to.

All information is used for research purposes only and is kept strictly confidential and there is no cost to the S.H.A.R.E. member.

Interested in volunteering?  Please visit http://gilbrea.mcmaster.ca/people/forms/share-research-group-registration-form to fill out a membership form.