Still Julianne: Projecting Dementia on the Silvering Screen

Published: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Missed our Gilbrea Seminar talk "Still Julianne: Projecting Dementia on the Silvering Screen" by Sally Chivers, Professor at Trent University? You can now watch it on our YouTube Channel!

This presentation delved into the complicated relationship between disability and old age in cinema by situating in a broader context Julianne Moore’s Oscar award-winning performance as the linguistic professor Alice Howland diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in Still Alice. Sally raised the question of how the tools of disability studies and the disability movement could improve considerations of and actions for older adults, drawing attention to how pervasively ageism relies on ableism.

Watch the video:


Sally Chivers is Full Professor of English and Gender & Women’s Studies at Trent University, where she is also a founding executive member of the Trent Centre on Aging & Society. She is the author of The Silvering Screen: Old Age and Disability in Cinema and From Old Woman to Older Women: Contemporary Culture and Women’s Narratives and the co-editor of Care Home Stories: Aging, Disability and Long-Term Residential Care and The Problem Body: Projecting Disability and Film.

This talk was co-hosted by the International Network for Critical Gerontology (INCG).