Playing with Memories

Published: Monday, October 16, 2017

Congratulations to Meridith Griffin, Associate Director of the Gilbrea Centre, who was awarded an Insight Development Grant for her project "Playing with memories: The elicitation of leisure biographies".

In partnership with the Hamilton Public Library, this project will explore both the process and the outcome of crafting and co-creating leisure biographies in a guided writing group for older adults. The goal is to provide insight into the role that leisure has played across the life course of participants. Involvement in leisure has been linked to well-being and social integration for those of all ages, and has been identified as being particulary important for older adults. Here, we conceptualize leisure widely, to encompass a range of activities, both active and passive, including: recreation, sport and physical activity, games, and social and volunteer activities. The project will also contribute to the development of a 'reminiscence methodology,' and innovative approach to data collection, analysis and dissemination that integrates methods from life writing and directed memory work as a means of guiding older and adults through the process of co-creating a leisure biography. This approach will reveal knowledge about the meaning of leisure by elidicating the types of memories that are associated with, and the stories that are told about, leisure by older adults. Gavin Andrews (Gilbrea Centre, Acting Director) and James Gillet (Associate Member) are both investigators on the project. 

Griffin, M. (PI), Gillett, J., Andrews, G. (2017-2019). Playing with memories: The elicitation of leisure biographies. Insight Development Grant. SSHRC. $50,818.